Fire Protection




Walker Backflow and Fire Protection  Services (WBFPS) is licensed by the Alabama State Fire Marshal's office  to design and install new fire protection systems in commercial and  residential properties. Our design engineers are NICET certified. Our  installation crews have many years of fire protection installation  experience. We are ready to partner with you to design and install a new  fire protection system, retro-fit or add to an existing fire protection  system system to meet current National Fire Protection Association  (NFPA) 13 standards.


A fire protection system is a large  investment in the security of life, property, equipment and inventory.  This investment should be protected through regular inspection and  maintenance procedures. Federal and State laws and the insurance  industry mandate that fire protection systems receive regular  inspections and maintenance. We are a full service fire protection  company. We can provide inspection and testing procedures for all fire  protection equipment located on your property. We set up an annual  schedule based on your needs. Our customers appreciate that we help them  manage this area of their maintenance program. We perform inspections  in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25  standards. We stress continuing education, job site safety and contact  with equipment manufacturers to keep updated on new advancements in the  industry and current technology.



 Backflow Preventors are mechanical plumbing devices installed in a  plumbing system to prevent water from flowing backwards and becoming  contaminated. A properly installed, tested, and maintained backflow  preventor at the service entrance to the building or property can  reliably prevent the backflow of water of an unknown quality. 


Walker Backflow and Fire Protection Services specializes in the  testing, repair, and installation of backflow prevention devices. We are  certified to perform these services through out the state of Alabama.  We have specialists highly trained and qualified in the field, having  received certification from the Environment and Conservation Division  and the American Water Works Association.

The Environmental Protection Agency  and the American Water Works Association, as well as state and local  water authorities, have placed an emphasis on cross connection and  backflow testing as a means of keeping the water systems safe for the  consumer. Walker Backflow and Fire Protection Services is focusing  attention in this area in response to the new policies set by these  organizations.

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Restaurants and Food Service



Kitchen Suppression Systems

Walker Backflow and Fire Protection  Services is certified to perform inspection services on kitchen  suppression systems. Our technicians have successfully completed the  Fireman's Association Journeyman program in fixed fire systems and fire  extinguishers according to the NFPA 10 and NFPA 17 standards.

Hood Cleaning

Walker Backflow and Fire Protection  Services offers kitchen hood system cleaning services on a monthly,  quarterly or semi-annual basis. Our technicians have completed the  Certified National Hood Cleaning Association's Journeyman program in  commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services according to the NFPA  96 standards.